More Children?

In 27 days I am going to celebrate my 28th birthday! The older I get the more I start analyzing my life.  I feel as though my clock is ticking and I need to make the final decision whether or not my husband and I should try for a 3rd child or not.  Everyone tells me to be happy with the children I have.  I have a boy and a girl, “what more could you ask for” they say.  Is the desire to have more kids in every woman and does that desire ever go away completely?  I mean, if I decide to have a 3rd will I have the desire to have a 4th and so on?  Financially, I don’t know how we could afford having another child, although if that is my only reason; I probably wouldn’t have had any kids.  As I watch my kids grow older I am starting to realize that they grow up way to fast and that children bring so much joy into life.  Life would be meaningless without God and family.  I was an only child and have always wanted a large family.  I used to say that I always wanted to have all my kids by age 25, but now it seems like I’ve pushed the age limit to 30.  When the kids were babies I used to look forward to them growing up, but now that they are no longer babies I long for a baby in the house once again.  I find it sad that soon I won’t have a child in the front of the cart at the grocery store.  For some crazy reason I actually find it sad that I will no longer have any 3:00 a.m. feedings.  To have another child or not? For now I will leave it up to God and see what the future brings me. 


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