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April 2, 2008

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Home Sweet Home  What makes a happy home? There is more to a happy home than material possessions or having an orderly house. There are 5 things that make up a happy home. 

1. Parents that show love and affection.

It’s easy to show love and affection to our children, but so often we don’t show the same amount of affection to our spouse. We so often neglect our marriage without realizing how this affects our children. I know when my kids see me give my husband a huge hug their little eyes light up and they get a silly little grin on their face. They love to see their mom and dad show affection. How you and your spouse treat each other plays a huge role in how your child will grow up and relate to their own spouse in the future. When your child sees you show your spouse love and affection they grow up feeling more confident in themselves and their own relationships.

2. Families that pray together.

Families that pray, stay. Praying together as a family strengthens your bond not only with God, but with each other. If your children grow up praying then they will more than likely pass on the tradition with their own children. Praying together helps the family to connect at a much more intimate and spiritual level.

3. Families that play together.

Families that play together, stay together. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to keep the house immaculant. It’s always been a struggle for me to let some of the housework slide so I can enjoy time with my family. I have always liked to have all the housework done before spending time with the kids, but so often it never gets done and my kids miss out on quality time with their mother.  I try to remind myself that the housework will always be there, but my children won’t be children forever. That helps me keep my focus on what really matters.

4. Families that have traditions.

Family traditions are very important. Kids love predictability and family traditions help kids feel a sense of belonging. Your kids most precious memories one day will not be the new toy you got them, but the traditions that you share together as a family. They will remember the little things such as how you always prayed with them right before bedtime or how you always took car rides in the fall to take in the beauty of all the colorful leaves on the trees.

5. Lastly, but most importantly; a happy home is a home that loves God.  

So many families know a lot about God, but sadly they don’t let God in their hearts or their home. God is the key to a happy heart and a happy home.